The primary role of platelets in your body is to stop bleeding. Each year in the U.S. alone, over 2 million platelet transfusions are given to treat bleeding complications caused by traumatic injury, surgery and a variety of blood-related ailments.

Problem: Natural platelet transfusion products suffer from:

  • limited donor availability
  • need for blood typing and matching
  • high risk of contamination
  • very short shelf life (only 3-5 days)
  • minimal portability
  • biologic side effects
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Solution: SynthoPlate is a synthetic platelet technology that can mimic natural platelet's ability to stop bleeding while having the following properties:

  • large-scale manufacture
  • no need for typing and matching
  • minimal contamination risk due to effective sterilization
  • long and convenient storage
  • high portability
  • absence of biologic side effects

Since significant blood loss is a major cause of death in civilian and military trauma, Haima is focused on developing SynthoPlate for the treatment of traumatic bleeding.