Haima Therapeutics highlighted in Popular Science article "Searching in vein: a history of artificial blood"

May 2, 2019. For centuries scientists have sought an artificial substitute for blood. Equipped with modern nanotechnology and a humbler strategy, bioengineers think they’re closer than ever.

Inventor and Co-Founder, Anirban Sen Gupta, PhD discussed artificial blood products and the founding of Haima Therapeutics.

About Haima Therapeutics:

Haima Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing bio-inspired therapies for the treatment of bleeding and other blood-related ailments. We have developed a novel, nanoparticle-based synthetic hemostatic technology, called SynthoPlateTM, that can staunch hemorrhagic bleeding by binding to the site of injury and amplifying your body’s natural clotting mechanisms. Learn more at www.haimatherapeutics.com and follow us on twitter @HaimaThr. For more information, please contact:

Michael Bruckman, PhD, Chief Operating Officer